The Women Behind the Web

  The  web's first string was cast during a late spring gathering at my home. Amanda had brought several of her art pieces to show me the new characters she drew and planned to sell at a local downtown art gallery. The colors and imagination that Amanda wove into them, brought me joy, gave me pause to think and blew dust off my creative loom. Before I was consciously aware that it was happening, I felt my mouth move and heard my voice casually ask her, "Ever think of creating an oracle deck? Ya wanna"?  Without hesitation Amanda replied, "...kay, sure!" 

  Later, we started talking and decided the deck could have a backstory that might be appealing to other people. Amanda had been painting and selling her little amalgam creatures at a local gallery and they began to congregate in a world that she began to call, Knotty Weave. The locations and associated stories that Amanda created, more than appealed to me; they revived my imagination and made me excited for more. I began suggesting scenarios, themes and characters and Amanda ran with them, creating images that brought them to life. Her ability to form unique, original works from a spattering of ideas, symbols and dreams continues to blow me away.

  I am the writer and coordinator of things behind the scenes. Keeping up with Amanda's production and imagination is a joy-filled, energizing experience. I am often on the receiving end of emails and phone calls relaying her creatively weird stories and explanations of new characters that have moved into the world of Knotty Weave. Each one taps into an aspect of my knowledge and experience challenging me to blend them into cohesive and supportive presentation. The stories that send me running for my library of history, psychology, and metaphysics to flesh out - we know those are the good ones!

  Our project would not be where it is without the support and skill from our amazing team. Deep bows of recognition and gratitude go out to 7Stones Publishing, Infinity Graphix, and Iconix Printing! These small businesses are owned and run by amazingly talented women - please consider doing business with them should the need arise.

  Thanks for stopping by! We hope that you will follow along with the growth and development of 

The Oracle of Knotty Weave. 

  Mind the Web,

  Amber and Amanda 

Amanda Newsom is a Pacific Northwest artist who works primarily in ink and watercolors

Amber Highland is a  Wholistic Health Practitiioner, Empowerment Coach, writer and podcaster